Rosa has always enjoyed movement. As a child, she did her very best to be a great athlete. Rosa enjoyed cheerleading, gymnastics and cross country. Because Rosa was exposed to these types of activities when she was younger, when yoga presented itself, in 2004, she took to it rather quickly. The interesting thing about the physical (asana) aspect of yoga that she was practicing, was that she never knew what was coming. This always intrigued her. She had to be present and listen to the teacher. Rosa had to process and translate what was being said and allow her body to move there. In those moments you not only discover these new weird shapes (while learning a new language: Sanskrit), most importantly you find yourself. Then you would rest at the end. This wasn't a workout this was a moment for reflection, clarity, absorption and your spirit. It was a pivotal moment and never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would become a teacher. Even after Rosa signed up for teacher training did she believe she would teach. She signed up to learn more about something that comforted her. But that's what yoga does to you, it makes you think and it takes you down this winding path that you didn't even know existed. You just have to trust that it will lead you somewhere wonderful. She’s grateful to say that it has. This is why Rosa feels compelled to share the practice with anyone and everyone.


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Exhale - April 2014 

300 hour Advanced Intensive Trainings with Laughing Lotus: 

  • 50 hours of Super Sequencing Advanced Intensive - August 2015

  • 50 hours of Lotus FLY Sequencing Advanced Intensive - March 2016

  • 50 hours of Restorative Yoga Advanced Intensive - June 2016

  • 50 hours of Hands On Advanced Intensive - August 2016

  • 50 hours of Yin Flow & Essential Oils Advanced Intensive - March 2017

  • 50 hours of Chakras Advanced Intensive - August 2017

3 Month - Laughing Lotus Apprentice Program with Jamie Lyn Skolnick - Completed in January 2017

35 hours of Katonah Teacher Training Intensive with Nevine Michaan - October 2017

30 hours of Sequencing & Verbalizing a Yoga Class Intensive with David Regelin - October 2017 

25 hours of Yoga Nidra Advanced Intensive - April 2018


Rosa is so sweet and goes out of her way to help new people! Very inspiring.
Rosa is the BEST! Her flow is amazing, tough but rewarding. I take her class as much as I can.
Rosa was amazing, she was replacing the other instructor. Please have her teach more classes at Laughing Lotus so I can take more classes with her!
Rosa is a true yogi - she has a beautiful flow to her class, keeps it really positive and encouraging and I love that she was super open to unique needs. She encouraged everyone to do what felt right for them in that moment. Will definitely take her class again.
Rosa is the BEST! Excellent workout - always a beautiful challenge from a truly beautiful soul!
Rosa is one of my favorite teachers now- I actually want her to do a 90 min class because 60 just isn’t enough!
Blown away. What a great class. ty Rosa!
She has such positive energy and tailors her flow to what the class needs during that particular day.
Such an amazing class! Rosa is SO enthusiastic and gives you an awesome workout. The restorative portion after was so wonderful and just wish it was longer. She is so positive and you can tell she loves what she does. I wish she taught more of these classes.
This was a fun, challenging class. Rosa kicked my butt! She’s an awesome instructor.
Restorative is definitely Rosa’s calling—she taught with such warmth and care. Just what I needed after a stressful week.
Rosa is great! Her flows are a great workout and her positive attitude is contagious, highly recommend!
Loved Rosa. She’s great and her compassion shined through in her teaching. A treat.
Rosa was wonderful! The class is great if you need to decompress and just let your body relax.